Saturday, April 5, 2014

The things that I look for

Used to be, I was this kind of person who thinks that I want to be rich, so, I won't mind work hard, learn about money and investment and be stingy as much as possible. I still that, but now, much better.

Turn out, life is fill with pressure and the plan that I planned for myself, will not happen according to the plan. Turn out, be at home, relaxing, be with my parents, gardening, reading are much more fun than just thinking about money. Turn out, the relationship with people will have ups and downs and there will be time, I will lose and gain new friends. That is life.

I'm stop chasing now, and now, I'm enjoying life and do the things that I can do. I have to accept things that will never in my reach, but it won't stop me from pursuing it. I just have to keep on walking, because, I've been in the place where I want to run and run to chase my dreams. it hard, tiring and exhausting. Totally not good for body and mind. But, now, I look around me, and be grateful to what I have and at same time working on my goals, it just this time, I take it slowly and continously.

Once, I wish to stop learning, because studying is so tiring and hard. But now, I find pleasure in learning, observing, capturing, interacting, learning and gaining new knowledge and experiences. It makes me grow and be more grateful and more acceptance. I also begin to see the wonder of the world.

What I want in life is to be more happy, enjoy the life, in a way that my religion has taught me. I believe in my religion as it guided me to the path that I should take in life. :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My new interest

I like photographing, but I do not like people taking picture of me. And it's been so long, that I wanted to buy a new good camera. Then, the determination to own one, came. So, I search, and search, read and watching review commentator about camera for quite some time.

At first, I want to buy DSLR, but it is bulky. So, I ended up buying Canon s95, which is three years ago, and it works wonder. I love it. Even until now, it still capture great picture. But now, Canon produces new line of S110 I think. Much more functions too. But, as I'm ready to move to something expensive, I bought a new camera.

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As I want to take great picture, I read more on camera, comparing here and there, and I got my conclusion. My new camera is a mirrorless camera or some even call compact system camera of four third camera. After doing so many research, I make my conclusion to buy Olympus EPL-5. It not a newest version, but I read good review about it and it gives what I want, a great picture.

As for now, my review about this camera, it is awesome, compact, easy to bring anywhere and a great buy too.  Olympus produces a lot of EPL version, and it received good review too. If you want to buy, click here or the picture, and get the best price from the amazon.

As for you want to see what kind pf picture I take, you can view it here and click at the content. But, many of the pictures were taken by Canon s95, and only the recent were taken by Olympus

Just do the right thing

Do the right thing
Even though your heart is aching,

Do the right thing,
Even you see no point of doing it

Do the right thing thing,
Even you other better option which is not right,

Do the right thing,
Even you are lazy and tired,

Do the right thing
Even if you are scared,

Do the right thing,
Even there is no guarantee the favor will return

Do the right thing,
Even you going to hurt someone in the process

Do the right thing,
Even you know the consequences will not be good...

But, what is right? My definition of right might different from you, but always choose the right thing.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The strength to be kind ...

Actually, it is not easy to be kind, because you have to control the heart, control your tongue and action. It much easier to say whatever that comes to your mind than keep it to yourself. Well, people said that it not good to keep things bottled up in your heart, so say what is in your mind. But, it is not good.

To many things will be ruin and jeopardize and every actions got consequences. It much better to ignore it and have an ear where itw ill go one side and immediately go out to other side without the need for it to stop by in the mind or heart, because it has consequences.

Kind, actually easy, and much better, but it requires a lot of strength. Because turn out, doing bad things, is much easier and more satisfaction at faster rate than doing the nice things. But ....

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spending the money that you do not have

Is it possible? Well, it is, through loan, and with the magic of credit card, the loan are easily accessible. It is a wonderful thing. To easily get the things that I want with this plastic card.

The joy is even though momentarily only, but because of the temptation, just use the card will bring happiness. Why do I talk about this.... because I'm in the middle of the process of doing it, wanted to spend the money that I do not have...

But, the truth is, I've used it many times. Like, my study for degree that I got help from education loan that I still paying until now, my car, my house, and some other things. So, it is not weird.

But, there is a danger behind it, especially when the person who doing the loan unable to pay for it. Then, there will be a problem. I know about prudent spending, and how the situations are currently and the need to think about the future. I know all that, but, why the heart still do not want to listen?

Now, in times like this, I feel jealous to those who earn a lot, who are rich, but hey, everybody has their own part. Be thankful. If, I trully want to proceed with the action of spending the money that I do not have, I have to bear the consequences. Yes, every actions have consequences. There is only one way to go ahead with this plan, earn more money. Yes, earn more. Well then, I guess, I have to do that. Fighting.. !!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just smile

Whatever happens, just keep your head high, smile and walk on.
If you want to talk about it, talk, and if you want to cry, cry.

But, do not give up. Actually, it so easy to say than to do it, to face it, because it so hurting inside. The heart keep asking, why, why, and why. What do I do wrong that I got this? I know, there are reasons for everything that happen, thus, I just need to accept it with open heart.

If you a kind a person who will fight for your right, by all means, do it, but I don't. I am not good with confrontation and I learnt that smile is the best answer for everything.

I wish things were different and I wish to find out where my mistakes are, but I do not have the energy and will to do so. Or maybe, I need some attitude change. Maybe.

For now, I cannot do much. I can't. I do not have the capacity to even think about it.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Find satisfaction with things

It can never work , isn't?
Because things can never enough, there will be more and more things that I will want.
Especially when you are down, and you wnat to do things or buy things with the hope that it will make you satisfy or relief from whatever grief that you have, but, sadly, it will not work.

It will work for a while, because I know. I did it a few times. I do not feel relief. But, I do not feel guilty about spending money that I should use to pay loan. I'm not yet in a bad situation, but I know, I going to need the money in the future, but I chose temporary relief.

How to be satisfied or te be relief from the heart pain? Travel is one of the way, but time os not on my side. It even hard for me to focus on my study now.

But I love writing, I guess, I will feel better after this. Hopefully. I just bought this.

Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11'