Friday, January 23, 2015

Changing the narratives

Narratives is  about telling story. The way we tell the story gives various meaning to different people. But, turn out we can make people believe what we want them to believe. Well, the success rate is not 100% , but the success is there.

Why? Some people do it because they want to manipulate, and some want to protect own self. Changing the narratives daoesnt exactly like lying, isn't? Lying is telling untrue story so that people do not know the truth, but changing the narratives is telling in a way that make people believe you instead they asking various of questions. Kind manipulative, isn't?

Now, there is a blur line between what should be known and how the truth should be told.

Or is it just me who do not make sense at all?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I'm continuing, not starting over

I thought I want to start everything back, from scratch, to start a new leaf, but turn out, why should I waste my previous experience. I've did some good things, I do not need to start over, I just need to continue the things that was once my hobby and for whatever reasons, I stop.

I might want to renew a few things, but I do not need to do it all at once. I should do it little by little, but continued on and on. Lear and keep on learn. I used to remember how determine I was once, but the past is the past. Let it go. Now, focus on improving.

It is hard but I need an inspiration and not some sleazy excuses to make up for the loss of time that I wasted.

As this is my personal blog,  I can write things that I like even though the content is really really out of context of whatever things that I want to write. ;)

The simpler the better

Organisation at its best is by being simpler and organized. That being said, no clutter, no keep the things for might be the future endeavor but be more selective and be a person who knows how to let go stuff that I do not need anymore.

Because I used to be this person who like to keep things just in case that I might need it in the future. Turn out, it not necessary, as it can lead to more clutter and trash.

I should be more selective, more organized, more practical and more confident and all of these are connected to each other.

And now with the new post I make, I will put my own picture ...just because I can . :)

And I'm going to promote products too.  :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Don't Stop Praying

Used to be I do feel alone, but actually, I never alone. There is the higher power that keep me company. Allah, the most powerful and merciful.

So, whenever I feel alone and down, I just pray to Allah. I believe Him.

I believe 2015 will be a great year with Allah's help.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What I learn in 2014

2015 is entering, so I want to end my 2014 with the list of things I learn in 2014. That are

1. Be focus on the things that I want. But, it not easy. I can be easily distracted and forget.

2. Be determined of what I want. Again, the same reasons as above.

3. Be strong. Whatever it is, head up, smile and walk on.

4. People are people. Do not look down on ownself.

5. wake up to achieve the goals.

6. Learn, and learn and learn and do it.

7. Learn to talk better and learn to share, but not over sharing.

8. Fight with other people? Let it go and focus back on what is important. Drama is not one of them.

9. Read and should read more.

10. Talk less, but better.

11. Know yourself, be confident and keep on moving.

I think there are more, but these what I remember now. So, yeah, welcome 2015.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Learn to accept no, failure, rejection...

I'm scared with the word no and rejection. I prefer to let in inside my heard because of these scary things. I afraid to do mistake too. But turn out, I'm a weak person. I cannot get yes all the time and I will fail and will get rejection or maybe the things that I do will not be likeable to anyone. There will always be pro and cons in anything. That is life, so accept it.

It just I have to take it positively and not take it personally. That is my problem, a very sensitive person. Like what people said, if you do not like something, then change it. If not, I have to deal with it.

I live with people, in society. So, blend in. As individualistic as I am, I cannot be selfish and accept that things will go the way that I want. Nope, it won't happen that way. Life is full with surprises and even bad things can turn out good if only I try to look at different perspectives.

So, must learn to smile, control my own emotions and walk on. Must keep on walking and do not be afraid to say and ask things. I can never get the answer until I say it or try it. Yes, I might be laugh at, be yell at, be hated too, but that's life. There will be better days, just don't let the bad things get into you for a long time...

Don't stop and explain. People will listen even they show no interest or not happy with it. But be diplomatic and say the most courteous way possible. You can do it .. <----- br="" my="" own="" refer="" self.="" to="">

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The thing about first impression

First impression is very important, but not only for one party who want to present herself in front of the new people, it is vice versa.

First impression does not represent everything about that person.
First impression can lie ... there are many sides of that person that are not shown.
First impression should not be a place for you to judge a new person.

Because once you make a conclusion of a person and turn out what you think is differ from what actually is, then, there will be problems.

What kind of problems? Like you cannot accept that you are wrong. Because what you think and jump into conclusion will shape how you are going to treat that person. Even husband and wife who have lived together for a very long time can have problem of understanding each other, let alone for us to understand a person who just we meet.

So, shape your mind to think positively. -----> you refer to me. ;)