Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Simple vs complicated?

Why make things complicated? It is a burden for the heart and mind. I know, because I like to make things complicated. The thing is, the thing that make things complicated is because of the heart with this question ... what if?

So, the answer, so what, what is ? It is not like it is the end of the world.
There will always a solution in any problem ... if it is too hard, just walk away or even better, face it.

Be positive and confidence that things will go your way, even though how long it will take. This is for personal usage only, not other matters...

Must have confidence and be brave ... Both need to be build, from within. How? Even I'm still building it.

By the way ... Happy EidulFitri to Muslim ...


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Losing focus or too comfortable?

I do not know which one, but I realized that I do not always write as much as I always used to. The passion seem to be disappear and it doesnt seem in the writing area, but also in other field of life. My enthusiasm in work seem to be decline and I prefer to be hidden instead of being at the front. I am stuck, which is not good at all.

I might know the reasons why, but I want to get out from this also. I want to be a person, me myself proud of. Getting stuck will not bring me anywhere beneficial.

I think one the reasons will be of not knowing which one to focus. Too many things that I need to do, too many task and too many of everything. I need a good filter out system and a new hobby might help for me to get through this. I do not know.

Anyway, I am in the state of place of being too comfortable too. I have almost the things that I want and I am thankful for that. Is it a bad thing of being in too comfortable zone? I guess it is, seeing how I am now.

I should focus on the things that I want in life, and the things that will make me happy, and one of it is writing. I remember, it used to give me so much fun before this stage of my life happen.

Now, I start to learn baking too. There is no end of pursuing something and it can never to late to start something new, isn't? Age is just a number that cannot define you.

Gaza MH17

What more can be said from this picture? The humanity across border despite the war that is going on, they still pray for MH17. Thank you

Monday, July 14, 2014

It is fasting month for Muslim

I'm a Muslim, Islam by religion. And for this month, all the Muslims need to fast. It is mandatory, and trust me, it the best month of the year. Not that hard when I've doing this since I was small, and I used to it, and there are more great things about fasting, many.

As for me, this is the time, the bonding between me and my parents become closer. Truth to be told, it is hard for us to sit together and eat, because we eat when we are hungry. But during fasting, we will all sit together, waiting for the maghrib adhan and the time to break our fast. It is a great time.

Month of Ramadhan is a month for spiritual healing, a time to be closer to the Creator. It is a wonderful month and I am glad to be able to taste this month again. Thank You Allah.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Is it getting harder to earn online?

Is it just me or maybe other also feel the same that it is not getting easier to earn online as what it used to be?

used to be, writing can be easier, but now, as many people are having the expertise and knowing the art and function of internet and writing, there are many more quality writing with quality content available, thus, the not so quality content unable to stand out.

I know, in a way, it is a good thing as it asks me to be better, to work harder, but it become more challenging. Well, life isn't getting any easier too.

The rules to earn also become more stricter, and somehow, it getting harder and harder. Maybe it just me, so, I have to learn more ...

By the way, the holy month for Muslim is getting nearer, the Ramadhan, the fasting month. Happy fasting everyone, and I'm excited to fasting too...

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Setting Priorities

Its been long since I last type anything in my blogs. Used to be, this is one of my favourite things, but now, as many things happen, I seem to lost the will and passion to write anymore.

As I'm becoming more older, I've set my priorities now. There are so many things I want to have and get, but I unable to. There is this proverb in malay that I need to measure cloth according to my body, means that I need to set my priorities right.

Its been hectic few months for me. I thought I able to focus everything, but no. It was so hard when there are many things that required your attention at the same time. It was really tough.

In focusing and setting up the priorities, I will lose the things that I want, the other things. There will be things that I need to sacrifice, I guess, that is life. I cannot get everything and as I have mentioned before, I need to measure cloth according to my body, and I cannot based on somebody else.

Have you list your priorities? I have and it scary and it makes me thing, how am I supposed to do this? Then, I have to sacrifice the unnecessary things? So, whatever it is, do not give up, chin high and keep on walking and do not forget to smile. Because no need to worry, as long as I keep on walking and do not give up. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The things that I look for

Used to be, I was this kind of person who thinks that I want to be rich, so, I won't mind work hard, learn about money and investment and be stingy as much as possible. I still that, but now, much better.

Turn out, life is fill with pressure and the plan that I planned for myself, will not happen according to the plan. Turn out, be at home, relaxing, be with my parents, gardening, reading are much more fun than just thinking about money. Turn out, the relationship with people will have ups and downs and there will be time, I will lose and gain new friends. That is life.

I'm stop chasing now, and now, I'm enjoying life and do the things that I can do. I have to accept things that will never in my reach, but it won't stop me from pursuing it. I just have to keep on walking, because, I've been in the place where I want to run and run to chase my dreams. it hard, tiring and exhausting. Totally not good for body and mind. But, now, I look around me, and be grateful to what I have and at same time working on my goals, it just this time, I take it slowly and continously.

Once, I wish to stop learning, because studying is so tiring and hard. But now, I find pleasure in learning, observing, capturing, interacting, learning and gaining new knowledge and experiences. It makes me grow and be more grateful and more acceptance. I also begin to see the wonder of the world.

What I want in life is to be more happy, enjoy the life, in a way that my religion has taught me. I believe in my religion as it guided me to the path that I should take in life. :)