Friday, October 10, 2014

Learn to accept no, failure, rejection...

I'm scared with the word no and rejection. I prefer to let in inside my heard because of these scary things. I afraid to do mistake too. But turn out, I'm a weak person. I cannot get yes all the time and I will fail and will get rejection or maybe the things that I do will not be likeable to anyone. There will always be pro and cons in anything. That is life, so accept it.

It just I have to take it positively and not take it personally. That is my problem, a very sensitive person. Like what people said, if you do not like something, then change it. If not, I have to deal with it.

I live with people, in society. So, blend in. As individualistic as I am, I cannot be selfish and accept that things will go the way that I want. Nope, it won't happen that way. Life is full with surprises and even bad things can turn out good if only I try to look at different perspectives.

So, must learn to smile, control my own emotions and walk on. Must keep on walking and do not be afraid to say and ask things. I can never get the answer until I say it or try it. Yes, I might be laugh at, be yell at, be hated too, but that's life. There will be better days, just don't let the bad things get into you for a long time...

Don't stop and explain. People will listen even they show no interest or not happy with it. But be diplomatic and say the most courteous way possible. You can do it .. <----- br="" my="" own="" refer="" self.="" to="">

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The thing about first impression

First impression is very important, but not only for one party who want to present herself in front of the new people, it is vice versa.

First impression does not represent everything about that person.
First impression can lie ... there are many sides of that person that are not shown.
First impression should not be a place for you to judge a new person.

Because once you make a conclusion of a person and turn out what you think is differ from what actually is, then, there will be problems.

What kind of problems? Like you cannot accept that you are wrong. Because what you think and jump into conclusion will shape how you are going to treat that person. Even husband and wife who have lived together for a very long time can have problem of understanding each other, let alone for us to understand a person who just we meet.

So, shape your mind to think positively. -----> you refer to me. ;)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Once a while

Once a while, people faced a thing or things that she didn't like or make a decision that she doesn't understand why she makes that decision in the first place.

Once a while, that same person will feel hurt and looking and finding ways to correct it ....or maybe find a person that might understand her without the need to jump into conclusion or relate it to any experiences that the supposed listener has or have.

Once in a while, that girl went nuts and said the things that she should not and after that she regret it.

Because it happen to human. Human that has the weaknesses and always in need of help from people surround them.

But it will be impossible to expect them to understand, so, the only solutions that the person has is to be strong by herself, make a wise decision, be strong and move on. But always remember, we all have Allah, the God that you and I can always turn to.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Simple vs complicated?

Why make things complicated? It is a burden for the heart and mind. I know, because I like to make things complicated. The thing is, the thing that make things complicated is because of the heart with this question ... what if?

So, the answer, so what, what is ? It is not like it is the end of the world.
There will always a solution in any problem ... if it is too hard, just walk away or even better, face it.

Be positive and confidence that things will go your way, even though how long it will take. This is for personal usage only, not other matters...

Must have confidence and be brave ... Both need to be build, from within. How? Even I'm still building it.

By the way ... Happy EidulFitri to Muslim ...


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Losing focus or too comfortable?

I do not know which one, but I realized that I do not always write as much as I always used to. The passion seem to be disappear and it doesnt seem in the writing area, but also in other field of life. My enthusiasm in work seem to be decline and I prefer to be hidden instead of being at the front. I am stuck, which is not good at all.

I might know the reasons why, but I want to get out from this also. I want to be a person, me myself proud of. Getting stuck will not bring me anywhere beneficial.

I think one the reasons will be of not knowing which one to focus. Too many things that I need to do, too many task and too many of everything. I need a good filter out system and a new hobby might help for me to get through this. I do not know.

Anyway, I am in the state of place of being too comfortable too. I have almost the things that I want and I am thankful for that. Is it a bad thing of being in too comfortable zone? I guess it is, seeing how I am now.

I should focus on the things that I want in life, and the things that will make me happy, and one of it is writing. I remember, it used to give me so much fun before this stage of my life happen.

Now, I start to learn baking too. There is no end of pursuing something and it can never to late to start something new, isn't? Age is just a number that cannot define you.

Gaza MH17

What more can be said from this picture? The humanity across border despite the war that is going on, they still pray for MH17. Thank you

Monday, July 14, 2014

It is fasting month for Muslim

I'm a Muslim, Islam by religion. And for this month, all the Muslims need to fast. It is mandatory, and trust me, it the best month of the year. Not that hard when I've doing this since I was small, and I used to it, and there are more great things about fasting, many.

As for me, this is the time, the bonding between me and my parents become closer. Truth to be told, it is hard for us to sit together and eat, because we eat when we are hungry. But during fasting, we will all sit together, waiting for the maghrib adhan and the time to break our fast. It is a great time.

Month of Ramadhan is a month for spiritual healing, a time to be closer to the Creator. It is a wonderful month and I am glad to be able to taste this month again. Thank You Allah.