Tuesday, August 22, 2017

People Change, That's for sure

People change, but why they are changing? Sometimes people change because of something that happen to them, that only them knows about, but people change because of reasons.

The easiest cause of change is because that person has been hurt again and again and for this, he or she decided enough is enough. Its better to walk alone than to be hurt, than to compromise oneself for somethings that is hurting or not beneficial, as it much better to focus on something that is good and beneficial to oneself than to force to like something or to be include in something forcefully.

Whatever the choice that the person takes, there must be pro and cons, but it is decision taken to suit oneself, as that person mature enough to make his or her decision. 

The decision to change, hopefully it is a right decision, to make the changer a better person than what she used to be ... to be more confident and good in her job, and able to attract right people into her life.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Just ignore

wahhhh, and for the last few months, I have been through some moments that I hate .... and yet, I still can walk on.... but with heartache and strong hard beat. I do not know why, but I know there must be because of something.

So I decided to take actions ... First by telling to Allah and let it out and then throw everything out that related to the persons that related to that heartache. For the time being, it work and as I read the more I hate the more I will attract it, so, I decided to let it go and do not want to think about it. Let them be.

There is nothing much that I can do by the way. But I can choose how to respond to it, by keep smiling and walking and ignoring.Focus on things that I can focus on and should focus on.

What I've learnt (part 1)

I've learnt it is ok to sad
To lose something that your heart rejected it
Even though at times, you don't understand why

I've learnt to walk alone
To learn on my own
To make my own decision
Even though it is lonely and scary
But, you have to follow your guts

I've learnt to be with people who used you
Who don't appreciate what you've done
Because in life, never expect anything in return

I've learnt to be thankful every little things that You have,
Because in reality, it cost so much to have that,

I've learnt to live with my weaknesses
My weirdeness that make me don't have many friends, '
Don't know how to mingle and socialize
Because that is me ... as much I want,
I cannot change just to fit in,

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Appreciate a little things in life

Life is not always about a big picture or what lies ahead ... Life is also about all small things that we do in life ...

Wake up at 6 am every morning, praying, hoping, telling the One, and do the things that we normally do, boil water, make breakfast, clean up the mess, and if you have cildren, oh, how wonderful it is to wake up with your own, the gift of life...

Well, not all can have all that, so, be appreciate all the things that you and I have. I wont way it a little because some one or some one else will not see it as small ...

A comfortable bed, food, clean water, parents, air to breath, healthy body, a laptop, an internet... so many to list , thus, I am thankful to be wake up this beautiful morning with a faith, with a roof under my head, food, water, to live my life. Life is beautiful .... and I am thankful for it.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Its December 2016, a month left before the end of 2016 .... wow, what a year to me.....

Looking back, nothing much happen, but emotionally, I am exhausted ... I dream of a new place far from the current situation I living in now .... but it just a dream, as I have my obligations here, back home.

Its been emotional ride, ups and down and weirdly it revolves people around me, and not so much of me.....
But more how do I react to the situation that happen around me ... Its been a great journey, but really taking tolls to my mind and emotion.

Its ok not to like someone, but do not do bad things to them, even bad mouth them ... because you just knew that person is toxic to you, if you cannot help someone, do not be their poison ...

Actually, when you do not like the person, the other person knew, and it depends on how th eother person responded, either to run away or just quiet or retaliate.

I used to have a feeling to retaliate, but I found out that harm will be much on me, then the other person, so it much better for me to just let go and for the new beginning, I plan to ignore and focus more on me..... I do not want to waste anymore energy towards person who doesnt give any benefits towards me.

I found out the better we handle a situation is, the easier life is ... dont think too much, it much better just do it, and do what your heart wants you to do.

But for now, I do not know what my heart wants to do.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

To stay quiet

Have you ever been in situation where you have no energy to talk what you think and feel? You think it much better to shut yourself out and be alone then to face all the people that has make you feel weak and sad? Even that is your own family members?

Or you avoid to talk to them to avoid to create more enmity between you and them?

I know the feeling... it hurt, really really hurting but life has to move on.

No matter how much you have do, these people wont treat you as you thought you deserve, a little recognition and praise ... I guess that is why people said, never ask and hope anything in return. It to avoid disappointment and sadness in the end.

People would not remember a million good things you did, but if there is one little thing that make them feel hurt, they will remember that instead. That's what people are, right? Forgetful. It also happen to me.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The thing about acceptance, personality and being who you are

There will be many instances in life whereby you regret the decisions that you've made in life... Have you feel that? I did, many times actually, many times.... But then, it has happenne, so, there is no way I can turn back the time now ... or change it to suit what I thought will be good...

That's why people said, the past is past, it is already gone... It is ok. These are times where by accepting the mistake that I make will make me more mature and persevere in life... Because once it done, it done...

But, there are more things to look forward in life... do not let things that make me feel suffocated holding me back... what I need to do is just smile and walk on ..The thing is, why bother, because there are so much more in life that I can look forward to, places to go, people to meet, and so much more.

It is ok not to follow the crowd and make the decision that I think was the best during that time, because every decision that I have made is a result of years of experiences and set set back that I have encounter. I might look silly and bad, but, it is not anybody judgement,it is Allah judgement and Allah is full of mercy. I will be me, and I cannot be someone else just so that I will feel fit in. Just trust Allah and keep on walking and focus on things that I should be focusing on. Its ok, Its going to be ok.