Sunday, October 7, 2018

We are allowed to leave when we are uncomfortable ....

Do you leave a place where you are not comfortable with? I am ... I am good with running from people and places that I feel that I am not comfortable with. I know, at times, my attitude is wrong, but I find that I should feel good instead of stress out being with people that I think may not like me or usually because I have bitter experience with them ...

That is why my friend always told me not to think about it, ignore it and do something else, as I am a person who like to over thinking and end up with nothing ... so, I found out that is useless ... so, it is better for me to think positively and do something that is good for me ...

The thing is, I am the one who lost, because of this .. I do not know whether it is call anxiety or what, but my calmness and happiness is much more important than struggling to be with people who hurt me.

I know with the term, people change, and I should too, and now, I am building myself so I can be more confident and happy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

It so easy to take things for granted … really easy ….

Because it come effortless, naturally, without need to work hard for it, and only once it gone, then we feel lost … I forgot about feeling grateful, feeling blessing because all I can remember is the heartache, the pain that cause by people, no matter who that people is. A single eye gazing could lead to years of friendship, broken into pieces, because of over thinking, because of intonation, things could go very wrong ....Things have become so complicated and messy, with so many things to do, arrange, plan and look forward to. 

Challenges keep coming, but it not always, as at times, there will be rainbows too, bad things will pass, so do good things too ... Be in the present, cause the past has past, and the future is yet to come .. enjoy the moment, believe in good things, be positive, be hopeful and persevere. Always try to do your best in your work, in your life, plan for your future, read a lot, and keep good relationship with people no matter what the reason is. 

Always, in all times, be calm, be hopeful and hope for the best .. Life is too short to be wasted on bad things, on unnecessary things ... 

Current feeling : Feeling hopeful

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Things about being a grown up

You have to bite your tongue, and keep on walking ... because the reality is hurt, you will meet people who hurt you, used you but still you are going to meet people who lift you up ... But usually, the one that hurt you, you will be affected he most. But the one who makes you smile and your life easy, you forget about them .. that's why people said, no matter how much goodness you do in your life, because of one mistake you do, that is what people will remember the most.

As an introvert who thinks too much, who keep everything in herself, I found it hard to deal with negative people, it really hard. I envy those who able to keep on going, happily without a trace of low self esteem despite the things that they do. I envy those people, because I am not like that.

Well, each people has their own attitude, but certain attitude will eat them alive if they do not learn to fight it, to face it. It is inside that matters, because what you feel inside will materialize in the outside.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What did I do when I was 20 years old?

Since last week, I watched this Korean drama .. Go Back Couple, watch teaser here, and there was this sentence or act that makes me thinking hard, what do I do when I was 20 years ago?

This story is about a couple who submitted their divorce application because they both cannot stand each other anymore, and as luck struck in, they went back to their youth, at the age of 20 ... and how everything started, the flirting, the friends, the family, the love, and this got me thinking ... what do I do when i was 20 years old, then, compare to my current life, where, nearly 15 years has passed, do I feel proud of my life, or should I do better?

When I was 20 I was struggling with my studies, and I do not have male friends, or boyfriend when I was in university. But I do have friends. Thinking back, it is my nature to do things alone, and it never m forte to talk to people about my difficulties and turn out, until now, I still have the same kind of traits, but now as trust people more, and I have great friends that I can rely, I able to seek solutions and help whenever I am needed.

There are friends that I still keep in touch and there are friends who I just see thier posts in the facebook. Thanks God for the FB, as I still able to keep in touch with my friends.

I am still single and had a few heartache and broken, and regardless of many things that I wish I  had but unable to, I am still able and proud to be standing with the accomplishments that I have until today. I am proud of myself, but after looking back, I want to improve myself, be healthier and more confident as now I am more stable and have a good career.

Whatever it is, I am thankful for the nearly 35 years I am living and I wish to do more, to travel more, to earn more, to be financial freedom and to be happy always, regardless of whoever I met along the way or whatever problem that come that distract my happiness.

Things don't magically happen overnight

Things that we want, we need to work hard for it, wait for it, keep the faith and believe that whatever we want, we can achieve it, we can get it. Positive attitude that must come with it. Sometimes, it takes a lot of challenges for it to actually happen, but because of the believe and faith, it can happen, some will take days, years, month, and that's why patient and perseverance are very very important. Life is full of surprises with ups and downs, but it cannot stop me from keep on walking and chasing what I want in life. Even though most of the times, I have to walk alone. But, however alone I may feel, god, Allah, is always there.

Then, there is the power of prayer, as whatever we want in life, we need to pray for it. People, like me, usually only pray for money and wealth, forgot little things that are important like health, happiness, good friends, good family, calmness in the heart, a good spouse, and pray that I will be hinder from bad people who only come for a purpose, and once their purpose is materialized, they will walk away, and once this happen, you will feel a sense of betrayal and it could linger in your heart for a long time, so, you must find a way to  erase this sick feeling in the heart because a painful heart could cause a lot of other bad things, not only in the body but can destroyed your inner peace and your self confidence.

Things I want in life, success, money, richness, happinesss, cannot happen overnight, but it will takes a long time, as we have our own time zone, but we cannot give up, but must keep on walking, believe and keep on going. Avoid unnecessary drama and things that make i uncomfortable or things that could create problems.

But in life, you need to have faith, a strong conviction and perseverance in facing a lot of things in life and believe that whatever that happen is for your own good. But, do not stop to chase good things in life... and to trust your instinct. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Overthinking, is it ok?

Nope, it is not ok at all, because there are so many things in the world that is beyond of our control. Why thinking of something that is unnecessary? The thing is, overthinking will eat you from deep inside without you realize it, as it happen to me.

You might think, it just in the head, well, it is, luckily it just in your own head, and what if you voice out everything without care of the situation? Well one thing for sure, it is not good.

If something is bothering you deeply and you cannot stop thinking about it, you stress about it, please do something else that could keep away that negative thought from haunting you, please you must do it. Even though it will unable to keep that thought away, but at least you give your mind and heart a break, a break from the unneccesaary stress and pressure. Stress and pressure could cause a lot of diseases and unpleasant situations, like you cannot enjoy your life and your heart and mind are being distaracted the things that is not good for your body.

I've been through it, and I always always try to do something else so it can distract my mind and I do not stop doing what is I need to do, not I want to do, but the things I need to do for my future. Why forsake your happiness by thinking or doing not so good things? Your life is much precious than what the other matters that hinder you from happiness that you deserve.

Why bringing up the past because the truth is, nothing can change the past, but you can look forward for your beautiful and great future, by focusing on your well being and growth. Life doens't stop when you get rejcted by people you thought should be in your life or thinking they should reciprocate your kindness, well, dearest, things will not happen that way.

Every people has their own gain that they want to achieve. Some able to do it openly, and confidently, and if you like me, a low self confidence person, who has trouble to mix or come forward, so dear, this one for you. You have a future to look forward to, places to travel to, new people who are kinder, challenging and better to meet with, properties and asset that you look forward to have, financial freedom that yo desperately needed so you able to be rich and the list could go on and on... so, don't bother about people, stop thinking of things that has happen, and please look forward to the future ... the bright and great future... lets focus and work hard for it. Be confident that you will have it brightly and be happy no matter what circumstances you are in. Be thankful for every situation that you ahve been through because all the things that happened are shaping you to be a person with wisdom and successful.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

It's not easy to earn money

I was surprised to see some people manage to save more than 20% of his salary ... even a single person like me find it hard, but to see and know some people able to do it, it amazes me. Maybe because of my greed and spending habits cause me this problems ...

Some people will say it is not about how much money you make, but how much money you can save. The things are, the life seems to demand so many things from me, a good cloth, a comfortable house,  a nice car, and the list could go on and on and in the process I spend all the money I earn, I furthering the time I should work, because I need to earn money to pay the expenses, especially the loan and the interest. There is two parts of me, one says, spend, one say, save, and usually the spend will win and I abide the command to spend. The thing is, when I look back how bad I am at managing money, I kind lost a lot of things, like time to retire early and need to work until I reach my retirement age. I kind see what will happen when people do not have a good money management skill, and the consequences are bad, and yet, i still do the same mistake. 

... and as I grow older, I find it become harder to save because it seems like there are so many things I want to have that I should get. Well, I know that is not a good habit, but, it really hard to save. I also grow an interest in traveling and go places , see new people and gain new experiences. I need to look back of my life and my finances so I won't regret when I am old, and said ... if only I do this ...

I need to work harder on my job and at same time work hard in achieving my ambition, to retire comfortable with a healthy body and mind.