Saturday, June 27, 2015

It is fasting month

Turn out, I haven't post anything in this blog for four months... wow ...., seem like I neglected it. Yes, I am.

It is because I focused on finishing my master thesis. Now, I finished my final exam, and waiting to finalize my thesis and if Allah's  allow, I will be graduated by the end of this year... phewww..... it is a big relief. Too many sacrifices have been made, compromised and difficulties need to be faced. Truth to be told, I even do not know how I do it. But the journey has been really really really great.

Now, for Muslim around the world, it is a fasting month. It is a month of Ramadhan and it is a blessing month. Well, for some, it looks difficult because we have to fast, not eating and drinking anything, but, there are so many great reasons behind it. It actually test the Muslim's patience and perseverance, and in return, we will be rewarded. I have done it for many many years and I do not have problems and I love this month.

Well, after months of not updating anything, I think for now, it is enough. Will continue later on. :)

Friday, February 27, 2015

So, i like to work alone... problem?

A few weeks back, a situation happen ....As at my workplace we have to do some kind innovations, and we have do it. It should be fall on everybody, but I do not why ... I got this conversation from my supervisor.

He said, something about me liking to work alone and it not good, and I should with others and if come in the future and the tasks that befall on all are not done, he will blame it on me? Seriously? Is he should say something like that?

What he said bothers me a lot. So, I decided to do what other people should do and it gives pressure to me. I suspect something must off for him to say those things to me because there are other people too.

Yes, I like to work alone, but I do not have problem to work with others. I will share the things that I should share and being me, most of the times, I over share. For two weeks, I feel pain in my chest and hating my leader for not stand up for me... why am I be obligated with that responsibilities when he knows many actually do not do anything? First day at work, I finish doing what other people should do and then, I finish mine. There are things that still not settle, but that too, cannot fall on my shoulder. I've done what I could do and a few thanks me. I want to put these behind me because truthfully, it was a bitter experience for me.

Because of this, I want to find extra money through other works.... part time... one day, when I felt really bored with this profession and I'm stable enough, I want to walk away.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The things about be quiet

It actually keep you out of the trouble, but not exactly solving the problem. Mouth can create so many good and bad things but even good things can be interpreted differently. So, be quiet. Thus it leave the imagination of those who actually paying attention to me, to think as they might want to, but as long as I'm not involve mouth fighting that could turn into something ugly and bad.

But, it not nice actually to keep everything inside. it not good to bottle up everything because once it get out, it might turn not pretty. I guess this is also where the stress is coming from.

But I belive in saying that quite is intelligent. Stay out of trouble and focus on other things.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sometimes, it just words... it's ok that people need

Have you ever been in situation that you face difficulties and you started to tell that person everything and the reply you get is"I don't know' .... it hurting to get that kind of feedback.

Maybe a reply like... "that's ok, people make mistake" not like a word like this you should not do that and when you hear the same person can give comforting words to other people, you will feel hurt.

It kept happening again and again to me.

Sometimes, I do know that what I did is wrong, it just I had to ... and when a person tellss you that actually that person is hurting inside and just wanted to hear comforting words....

For me, there will always a way out .. always... just no judgment and utter kind words to the hurt person...

I guess, this is where I can find my comforting moment ... by writing it out.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The simpler the better

Continents by colour simpler
Continents by colour simpler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It is ... why like things to be complicated?

When things are too complicated it will give you headache and pain in the heart ... try to avoid it.

As a woman, women, for me tend to complicated things... right? Because I know I do. Sometimes an easy things to do and without even starting on it, I already thinking ahead of time with this question ... what if?

Do what you think is good and appropriate. Bother about own feeling first without the need to indulge too much in the future. That's why people say that knowledge is important so that I can make an inform decision and not only guided by heart only.

Have a plan and know and stick to the plan. Because of this 'what if' thing keep bothering, I will make things so complicated... when the thing is actually a piece of cake.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Who have sweet teeth?

English: konafa, an Egyptian dessert made of t...
English: konafa, an Egyptian dessert made of thin pastry strands, nuts, and sweet syrup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do... by sweet teeth I meant liking sweet things, especially dessert...The mouth watering delicacies that leaves you to eat more and more even though how bad it is to your body and health.

But, because of temptation and craving and deliciousness ... it hard to say no when you see the beautiful colorful desert that being lay to you ... hmmmmm...

So now, I'm going to promote a product where you can still enjoy your craving sweetness and yet are not feel guilty afterwards. It is a guilty free dessert recipe.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

It is now ... do not procrastinate

Yes, it is either you do the things that you want now, or as you are procrastinate, it hardly happen. Well, it is to me. DO not do the things you can do now to another time. It is not a wise decision. I have encounter that always.

But the thing is certain things need mood to do that kind of job. How to make sure the mood is there? hmmm, that is surely a hard questions. But, the thing is I cannot wait for the mood to come. As I have the opportunity to do it, then I should do it.

Time is gold and in Quran also emphasis the importance of time. Those who wasted it are those who are loss.

That's why I come up with the list that I have to do so that I can always refer to the things that I have to, no matter at what time, because sadly we are living in the time whereby even there are great technologies that should make our work less it happen the other way around. People have to work harder to cope with the challenging times, knowledge that needs to be fill so that you and I would not be left behind and so much more to do. :(

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